Why Seder ? What is This So Different?

This Friday night we are all encouraged to ask all the questions…why? And what is so different this night from other nights? SEDER NIGHT…

This week the school was

gearing for Seder

.  Each class is ready…. to ask WHY? The tables are set, the food is ready, and the children are excited to sit to the community familial table for a wonderful experience of tasting, sinnging and asking questions.   Moreh Blas, dressed as Elijha (Eliyahu HaNavi) was dress in white, and the children immediatly recognized him and smiled.

In every classroom we each had a (model) Seder last Tuesday. The Seder went in the order that we would do it at home.


in Hebrew, means


.  We followed that specific order. We did kiddush, had the vegetables, sang the Four Questions, ate matzah and marror, and then had our meal. The children enjoyed having the festive atmosphere, especially

Morah Racheli’s matzah balls


We cannot wait until Pesach is here! We look forward to having a wonderful holiday and hopefully your children will share with you something they have learned this year.

Chag Kasher v’Sameach!