Weaving For Passover

Finally, after a long cold winter, we can feel that spring is in the air.  To celebrate the spring and the upcoming
Passover holday, also called
the Holiday of Spring 
we spent time outdoors, connected with nature and our ancestors. We learned the story of our ancestors, who were slaves in Eygpt, and moved from slavery to freedom.

Following our ancestors, we learned how to make Matzah on a fire pit. We celebrated the Seder night. And the children learned to weaved, using a loom, which our ancestors used in the past. This old fashion way of weaving on a  loom produces a magnificent weave artwork.

We used a loom that our ancestors used in the past, the “ground loom.” It is one of the most ancient looms found in the iron age and is still used today in the Bedouin communities in Israel. The ground loom is laid and attached to the ground, so the earth becomes part of the loom. We used six sticks and a hummer to assemble our ground loom and to attach it to the ground. Next, the children weaved using different wool and materials, including some plants and fiber.

It was a group weaving; while each child weaved on one section of the loom, they all weaved together, exchanging wools and enjoying the process. Some of the children were natural weavers.

The result was amazing.