Making the Matzah on a Fire Pit – The Matzah Factory at School

Count….up to 18 minutes. That is all the time you have to make a Matzah

Why we eat Matzah? How it is made? We all know it is made from wheat. Yet the way it is made, the cutting, the threshing and grinding into flour. Then putting flour to water and the rule of 18 minutes – are the critical Matzah preparations codes. 

On Friday, the entire school had the chance to make matzah. Moreh Blas and Moreh Or fired up the fire pit (Tabun טאבון) and each class individually came outside to roll out their dough, poke holes in the dough so it would not rise, and with help, place it on the fire – counting 18 minutes. The home made matzas were delicious!

Before the kids prepared the matzah, we discussed how we get to the dough by cutting the wheat, threshing the straw from the kernels, and grinding the kernels into flour. Then the moment the flour touches water, we start a timer for 18 minutes. All matzah must then be baked in those 18 minutes, otherwise it will become chametz. 

The children poked holes in the dough with forks to m

ake it look more like Matzah and learned how to keep the rules of Matzah preparations.