June Summer Programs

End Of The Year & Welcome To Summer Program

By Or Shteinmetz

02 Jun, 2022

Dear Parents, Summer is here and our wonderful year together has come to an end. There are so many pleasant memories, pictures and smiling faces. We celebrated the last day with Water Games, WaterColor Activities and Outdoor Field Games, Water Balloons, Color small guns,Bubble games and more. We had a healthy lunch of lentils, rice and green vegetables, and enjoyed ice cold popsicles in the warm sun. Over this year, our children learned so much. They have developed a language of communication, made friendships and playful games. We enjoyed seeing you each morning and taking care of the children. The Elementary class blossomed with Mora Kim and Moree Jay – conducting plays, projects and acting. They lead the Graduation ceremony and Yom Haatzmaut dedication ceremony. Our Primary classes were flourishing with games, work and much more depth of knowledge – story time, puppeteering (with Morah Farhana and Morah Inbal) and baking with Morah Carlye and Morah Tamar. Our toddlers are most fun to watch. They start our program barely wobbling, and by the end of the learning cycle, just before they are ready to move up to Primary, they are already so independent. With Morah Carla, Morah Naomi and Morah Carmen they master new abilities and new skills. We will miss the families who are moving on, and we are ready to welcome those who will be joining us for Camp starting June 8th. Our next academic year starts on August 19th with a Meet and Greet on the playground from 9 to 10 am. The First day of school for returning students is August 22nd (half day). Have a wonderful and enjoyable summer. We hope you get to enjoy the outdoors, the water pools and the beautiful parks surrounding our area. We hope you come back with wonderful stories to share. We will be waiting for you next year. With much gratitude to the PTO and everyone who volunteered this year to make it a wonderful year together, Ellie Lichtash Our next year calendar for the fall of 2022 is uploaded on our website. You can find it here .